Important Safe Driving Tips for New Learner

A driving school is a place which trains new trainee how you can drive the vehicle and handle it with confidence on the highway. Going for driving training is an investment for a lifetime for safe motoring of vehicle. Driving training develop expertise and consciousness of harmless and good driving which make you better-prepared, expert, harmless new driver. Learning to drive with the assistance of a professional driving trainer is a great deal in the long run. The well experienced driving instructors of best driving school will assist you to grow your driving skills to make you a good driver. These are some tips to make sure a comfortable and harmless traveling for new drivers.

safe driving tips

  1. Understand the road you are driving on – When driving, plan your journey and familiarize yourself with the streets you will be taking before making your travel. Unknown roads or relying on a GPS are distracting and potentially harmful for all drivers, particularly provisional one and two drivers.
  2. Seat belts – During an accident, your seat belt probably will be the important factor in avoiding serious injury. Adjust your seat belt “low and tight”, ensuring your seat belt sits low across the hips and is not twisted.
  3. Lane changing – Based on traffic conditions, lane changing can be tense and unpredictable. Above all, always use the suitable sign. To avoid an accident when lane changing, make sure you can see any approaching vehicles clearly in your side mirror. If you can only partly see a vehicle in another lane, it will probably not be secure to move across.
  4. Maintain self-confidence – While being an overconfident driver can be harmful, all drivers must be self-confident, calm and conscious of environment. If you feel nervous while driving it will be shown in your driving overall performance and the risk of being involved in a crash will increase. If you are usually experiencing a lack of confidence while driving, think about professional driving ‘refresh’ training from best driving school, or ask an experienced mate or family member to accompany you when driving.
  5. Back view mirror – A number of drivers concentrate on the road ahead of them, ignoring their rear view mirror. Check your mirror each ten seconds and always check before braking. If a vehicle is near behind you, brake carefully. Adjust your mirror thus the entire back window is visible.
  6. Parking – A large number of accidents happen when parking as a result of minimal space available. To decrease the chance of harming your car while parking, use all mirrors, do not rush, and above all, don’t concentrate purely on one section of the car. Monitor each portion of your car while parking to keep manage and consciousness of your environment.

Great, secure and responsible driving is a compulsion for everybody on the road. Follow these driving advices, which will decrease your risk of being involved in an accident.

Important Safe Driving Tips for New Learner

Teen Driving Hazards – Keep Accidents at Bay with Proper Driving Lessons in Perth

Perth driving school lessons

Becoming a capable driver with Perth driving school lessons can be fun as well as a serious learning experience. Driving can prove to be equally dangerous if not done the right way. To avoid any nasty accidents, parents must be very cautious when they entrust their teen with the responsible task of driving. From the onset, the right coaching and guidance is needed to make teenagers understand the importance of safe driving. They also need to be taught that the road rules and regulations need to be followed to ensure everyone’s safety. With Sumit Driving Academy and professional Perth Driving school lesson, you can encourage your child to master the art of driving while feeling assured that they are receiving professional tuition on all driving aspects and road safety.

  • Risk of accidents: You can lower the risk of car accidents by enrolling your teenager into Perth Driving school lessons. This is the first step for them to understand the bigger risk that lies on the road. A professional instructor will be able to tell them accurate statistics of teenage driving hazards and accidents. Not as a scare tactic, but to educate them and make them aware.
  • Confident driving: With Perth Driving school lessons your child will gain confidence which is a must-have when driving. It instils a sense of judgement and also boosts the idea of handling the vehicle in any hazardous conditions. A confident driver understands how a vehicle operates and is able to manoeuvre the vehicle out of danger.
  • Understand the need: As a parent, it is crucial for you to know why it is so important to enrol your teenager into Perth Driving school lessons. Here are some statistics on the hazards of teenage driving:
    • 45% of all young Australian injury deaths are due to road accidents.
    • Young drivers represent one-quarter of all Australian road deaths.
    • A P-Plate driver is four times more likely to be involved in a fatal car crash than a driver over the age of 26.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, with Perth driving lessons.  Contact Sumit Driving Academy today to give your teenager the best chance of staying safe on the roads.

Teen Driving Hazards – Keep Accidents at Bay with Proper Driving Lessons in Perth

10 Tips for a Safe Perth Driving Lesson

Perth Driving Lesson

“Safety first” is always a crucial motto for your Perth Driving Lesson. Although driving may seem very normal, it can also be very dangerous if you’re not paying attention to traffic rules or even when others are not paying attention.

 Our instructors at Sumit Driving Academy will make defensive driving a priority to ensure you and your passengers stay safe at a Perth Driving Lesson.

Some tips for beginners to remember:

  1. Obey all the road signs

During your Driving Lesson Perth try to familiarise yourself with as many road signs as possible and make sure you obey them.

  1. Seatbelts and child restraints

It is law in Australia for all drivers and passengers to wear seatbelts. It is also law for children to be in approved child restraints.

  1. No mobile phones

No handheld mobile phone usage is permitted whilst driving or sitting behind the wheel while the engine is running.

  1. Road markings

A large part of the driving test is based on your knowledge of different road markings. Road markings are just like road signs and must be obeyed.

  1. Drive within Speed limits

The speed limit is the maximum speed permitted on that road and you must not drive above that speed during your Perth Driving Lesson or at any time. Be especially careful in residential areas and school zones.

  1. Alcohol and drugs

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is extremely dangerous and there are very serious penalties applying to these offences.

  1. Road Conditions

Being aware of weather conditions and planning your trip in advance is always recommended for safe travelling.

  1. Wildlife and livestock

Wildlife and grazing cattle on the roadside may cross in front of your vehicle. Travelling at a safe speed and being observant is always recommended on country roads.

  1. Articulated Trucks

Use extreme care when you try to overtake a road train or truck. Ensure the oncoming lane is clear of all traffic for a long distance. It is always much safer to overtake vehicles using the allocated overtaking lanes.

  1. Emergency assistance:

000 is the contact number for the Police, Ambulance or Fire Brigade.

Don’t delay contact Sumit Driving Academy today, for a complex but fun-filled Perth Driving Lesson with experts. You will be glad you made that call.

10 Tips for a Safe Perth Driving Lesson

Tips to Choose a Reliable Driving School in Perth

Reliable driving school Perth
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Worried about driving in Perth? We suggest joining a reliable driving school Perth with classes like 45 minutes driving lessons package. However, finding reliable driving schools in Perth is not always an easy task as there are many schools around. The trick is to find the best of the best! Sumit Driving School pride themselves on being a professional and reliable driving school Perth, and offer the following tips when it comes time for you to choose the right driving school:

  • Reliable Instructor:

Your instructor is the key element when you are learning to drive, so always look for a reliable and experienced instructor.  They should be patient and calm and be able to teach all aspects of practical driving as well as the road rule theory.

  • Clearance rate:

Have a look at the pass rate of the reliable driving school Perth compared to the number of students the school has taught. The pass percentage is directly proportional to the success of the driving school; the higher number of students that pass the higher the chances will be that the school is reliable.

  • Don’t fall for advertising:

This is the era of marketing. The internet and the papers are full of advertisements for driving schools, or any product for that matter. The best thing to do is to pay a visit to the school in person and meet the instructor’s face to face. This way you will be able to make up your own mind on whether or not it is a reliable driving school Perth has to offer.

  • Review the ratings:

If you are not able to visit the driving school, it’s a good idea to hop online and check the reviews and ratings from past students about the driving school. People will often leave feedback on the internet about all aspects of the driving school including instructors, lessons and prices.

These are the basic tips when it comes to choosing a reliable driving school in Perth. However, you can’t go past Sumit Driving Academy.which offers 45 minutes driving lessons package.

For the most reliable driving school Perth has to offer, Sumit Driving Academy has experienced instructors, a high pass rate and great reviews!


Tips to Choose a Reliable Driving School in Perth

Checklist for Finding the Right Driving Instructor in Perth

60 minutes driving lessons package

Perth driving instructors can make a huge difference to the way you ultimately learn how to drive a car.  When it comes to learning a skill as important as driving, having experienced and qualified Perth driving instructors help you on your driving journey in 60 minutes driving lessons package. A driving instructor that you feel comfortable with and someone whom you can trust is just so important.

When it’s time to look for Perth driving instructors, finding the right one is critical. Here’s some pointer to help you:

  1. A quick check on the number of people who have passed their driving test with a certain driving instructor would automatically give you an indication on the kind of instructor they are. Ask the people who have already completed their lessons and passed their driving tests, all about the potential driving instructor. At the same time check with them about how they feel about their own driving ability now, if are fully confident with their own driving skills.
  1. Driving instructor Perth need to make sure that you learn to be a safe and confident driver. Therefore, choose a driving instructor makes you feel comfortable.  One who is friendly, patient and reliable makes a world of difference to your confidence and ability to learn.
  1. Apart from experienced and trusted Perth driving instructors, you should make sure that the chosen driving instructor is fully accredited. It can be helpful to look for driving schools that are approved by the right authorities as they will most likely have fully certified driving instructors.
  1. Another important point to look at when looking for a driving instructor in Perth is whether they are experienced in providing both practical driving lessons as well as teaching you the theoretical knowledge. The driving instructor should be able to guide and support you to handle different types of situations that you could possibly encounter while driving.

Sumit Driving Academy are a fully accredited driving school with driving instructors that have all the correct qualifications and experience you need to become a safe, confident and very capable driver. They have trained all types of students how to drive and can help you with all aspects of practical and theoretical driving knowledge in 60 minutes driving lessons package.

For the best Perth driving instructors around, contact Sumit Driving Academy. With a high pass rate, why wouldn’t you want to learn from the best!


Checklist for Finding the Right Driving Instructor in Perth

Why choose Affordable Driving Lessons in Perth?

affordable driving lesson Perth
Affordable Driving Lessons in Perth

An affordable driving lesson Perth is perfect for those wanting to learn how to drive. Often the major criteria when you decide to sign up for driving classes, is the price factor. Everyone has their own budget. Needless to say a driving school with accredited driving instructors and are affordable at the same time, would be the preferred choice.

So, why choose an affordable driving lesson Perth?

Driving schools offering cheap driving lessons does not necessarily mean that their teaching skills are any less. At the same time, driving schools offering their services at an exorbitant price will not mean that their teaching methods are high in quality also. Therefore, opting for an affordable driving lesson Perth becomes an important decision when looking for a good quality driving school to begin your driving training in 10 package for 60 minutes driving lesson.

With affordability the following points should also come into the picture: –

  1. A driving school with multiple branches across Perth, that offer the service of picking you up from your doorstep be it your home, school or office is an advantage. Especially if your busy schedule and lack of transportation is stopping you from learning how to drive.
  2. Since people have their preferences when it comes to the kind of car they drive, a driving school should be equipped to teach both manual and automatic transmission driving. Before actually getting behind the wheel to drive, learning the mechanisms of cars is very important.
  3. Driving instructors are the core and the most important part of driving school. Driving schools with well trained and accredited driving instructors should be the ones to consider when opting for an affordable driving lesson Perth.
  4. Depending on the kind of leaner you are and the time line you have in mind for each lesson, an affordable driving lesson Perth should allow you the flexibility to choose a price package based on number of lessons and time duration of each lesson.

Look no further than Sumit Driving Academy for your affordable driving lesson Perth like 10 package for 60 minutes driving lesson. They score well above what the other schools have to offer.

Why choose Affordable Driving Lessons in Perth?

Are you Anxious about your Driving Test in Perth? Learn How to Identify and overcome Your Nervousness

driving test in Perth

Once your driving lessons have begun with 45 minutes manual driving lessons package, chances are you would already be thinking about that much anticipated driving test in Perth. Don’t forget that you are not alone. Many have been before you and many will follow. So, take a deep breath and follow these tips to get you through calmly.

  • Try not to worry as nerves will begin to affect your learning as well as your skills and your concentration may lapse. A typical driving test in Perth is not something to be stressed about if you remember the road rules and have been paying attention to during your driving lessons.
  • You could mentally rehearse the driving test Perth by visualizing the whole process. This exercise helps in calming you and also prepares you for the next stage.
  • Try some deep breathing exercises. This can work wonders for your nerves. These exercises would also improve your blood circulation, keeping you more alert and refreshed during the test so that you can give it your best shot.
  • Try the powers of flowers! You may laugh, but it actually works! Just like deep breathing exercises. Before you arrive at your driving test, take some fresh flowers with you and take a minute or so to inhale their rejuvenating scent before you hop into the car to take the test. This will calm you down. Another option is to wear a calming, floral scent that would keep you relaxed and focused. Lavender is the best and it works wonders!!
  • Enjoy a light but nourishing meal beforehand. This will keep your energy levels up but won’t weigh you down, the feeling of overeating may distract from your focus. Fruit, like bananas or apples are great also muesli bars are a good option. Also, drink a small glass of water.
  • While you are waiting for your driving test in Perth, think positive thoughts. The power of the mind is strong, if you think positive, good things will happen.

Ultimately, it is all about staying relaxed and passing your driving in test Perth with our 45 minutes manual driving lessons package, and here at the Sumit Driving Academy your goal is our goal.

Are you Anxious about your Driving Test in Perth? Learn How to Identify and overcome Your Nervousness

Why you should rely on an Experienced Driving Instructor in Perth

Experienced driving instructor Perth
Experienced driving Instructor Perth

When you spend a lot of money and valuable time in learning how to drive, it is very important to make sure that you get the best driving lessons from a professional and an experienced driving instructor Perth. At Sumit Driving School, our instructors are of the highest quality and have tried and trusted methods, for teaching driving skills properly.

One of the main jobs of an experienced driving instructor Perth is to teach the road rules and driver safety, as well as give instructions on how best to avoid any emergencies. Before hiring a professional driving instructor, some points to think about are:

  • Choosing your instructor: When looking at choosing an experienced driving instructor Perth, finding someone with a good reputation for being reliable and punctual is usually a good start. Also being connected with a reputable driving school would greatly assist this choice you need to make, as a reputable school will most likely have reputable driving instructors.
  • Keeping progress records: A good driving instructor usually keeps a record of your sessions and will keep you up to date on your progress. This will help you to know how you are tracking at all times.
  • Lesson planning: An experienced driving instructor Perth will provide lesson plans for each learner, covering every aspect of your driving practice. The structured lesson plans are a must for faster learning and you may be surprised and not need as many lessons as you first thought.
  • Friendly approach: A calm and friendly approach from your instructor goes a long way towards your confidence when learning to drive. Being relaxed during your lessons is very important as it helps you to stay focused and stay safe.

An experienced driving instructor Perth is there to support you and teach you how to pass your driving test, but they are also there to show you techniques to avoid accidents. If you are looking for a driving instructor who meets all the above criteria, then look no further than Sumit Driving School, who excel in providing the best lessons and driving instructors for beginners.

Sumit Driving School has the most experienced driving instructor Perth and will offer expertise, patience and support for every learner.

Why you should rely on an Experienced Driving Instructor in Perth

Manual transmission driving school Perth

manual transmission driving school Perth

Finding the right manual transmission driving school Perth may sound simple, but choosing one can be quite tricky and difficult. This is because when you first start your search, you will find loads of driving schools that claim to offer quality driving lessons and guaranteed test success. Google it and you will know what we are talking about. But how to know if they are the right one for you? We have got you covered.

How to choose the right manual transmission driving school in Perth:

While there are many driving schools that offer premium lessons with affordability and ease of learning, once you are in one, you may find that in reality it is very different in Manual Driving test Perth. There are a number of ways to know whether you are choosing the right manual transmission driving school Perth for you. Before selecting any of them, ask the following questions:

  • Do they offer driving lessons in cars that have a manual transmission?
  • How many years of experience do they have in this industry?
  • How many professional driving instructors do they have?
  • Do they teach all the latest traffic rules and regulations?
  • Are their packages reasonably priced?
  • Are they certified?

Asking these questions will give you better insight to the school’s methods and teaching practices.

Sumit Driving Academy, the best manual driving lesson in Perth:

Sumit Driving Academy is professional and qualified in providing quality and effective driving lessons in Perth and other neighbouring areas. Counted as the best manual transmission driving school Perth has to offer, Sumit Driving Academy are known for their qualified team of instructors and tailored driving lessons and packages in Manual Driving test Perth. They will pick you up for your lesson and drop you off at a place that suits you. If English is not your first language, you don’t need to worry as they have instructors who speak both English and Hindi.

So, when looking for a great manual transmission driving school Perth, turn to Sumit Driving Academy. They will teach you from go to no worries!

Manual transmission driving school Perth

How to book your Perth Automatic Driving Lesson

Perth automatic driving lesson

Looking at have a Perth automatic driving lesson? Sumit Driving Academy are here to help!

With all the freedom and joy that driving your own car brings, driving has become one of the main necessities of life. With advancement in technology, people are more inclined to drive automatic cars these days. An automatic transmission car is also much easier to drive. However, there is still much to learn about driving and by taking an automatic driving lesson Perth with Sumit Driving Academy, you will quickly and easily become a capable driver.

Perth Automatic Driving Lesson:

Located in Perth, Sumit Driving Academy work with a vision of providing world class driving lessons to everyone. Unlike any other driving school, where you will not find personalized lessons, we are known for tailoring lessons to suit your personal needs. When booking your Perth automatic driving lesson, we offer:

  • Defensive driving lessons
  • Customized lessons to suit your driving needs
  • Accredited professional instructors who can speak both English and Hindi
  • Pick up and drop off service from your home, office or school
  • Affordable driving lessons
  • Student discounts

Driving is fun, but it is risky too. The situation on the road can keep changing and you may feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry, this is a normal feeling. By enrolling in a Perth automatic driving lesson we will teach you how to beat these feelings to be completely safe of the roads.

Why Choose Us?

We are reputable and experienced driving school offering automatic driving lesson in Perth. With Sumit Driving Academy you will receive:

  • Driving skills to make sure you stay safe
  • Clear knowledge and instructions of traffic rules
  • Round the clock support
  • First time driver’s test pass guarantee.

Our services are outstanding and prices are affordable. We will do everything we can to make sure you are 100% happy and satisfied with your driving lessons, which make us one of the most trusted driving schools in Perth.

Sumit Driving Academy can offer a Perth automatic driving lesson that is fun-filled and loaded with important driving training and information to make you the best driver you can be!


How to book your Perth Automatic Driving Lesson