What Are Some Of The Driving Rules In Australia?

Australians drive on the left side of the road, you will have the oncoming traffic travelling towards you passing on the driver’s side – right side of the vehicle. If you are visiting from America or Europe you will find it very different the steering wheel is on the opposite side of the car. This will mean that the controls in the vehicle are in an unusual position for you.

Driving Rules In Australia

The gear changers and indicators will have to be operated with your left hand. The police in Australia are very diligent in enforcing the seat belt wearing regulation. It is compulsory to wear a seat belt in a moving vehicle and heavy fines apply for those caught not wearing one. All children travelling in the car must be restrained in an approved child seat. The car rental companies are all aware of the regulations and will be able to assist you with the correct children safety advice for your precious cargo.

Each country have different road signs and you must be familiar with these:- STOP signs are red octagonal signs with white writing, ONE WAY signs are rectangular black or white background and the wording will be in black or white the opposite to the background colour. They will have an arrow pointing in the direction of the traffic flow.

Hazards on the roads will be signed warning the motorist these signs are usually yellow and will have wording outlining the hazard and or a picture alerting the driver. You are required to slow your speed prior to approaching any hazards on the roadways. In most Australian cities and towns you will see tourist information signs these are normally brown in colour and they will indicate the attraction you are nearing.

In the unfortunate event of the accident, you should follow a few very simple steps. You should stop your vehicle in a safe area; most Australia highways have safety area for such purposes. These areas often have emergency phones for you to contact towing services. If you or anyone travelling with you is injured call for assistance the Emergency number in Australia is “000”. The Emergency vehicles have right of way so if you see or hearing one approaching slow down and move to the left side of the road to clear the way. It may be a matter of life or death so move over.

Driving schools in Australia have reduced speed limit areas around them, the speed limit will be clearly displayed and heavy fines are handed out to those breaking these speed limits. Children are not able to measure the speed and distance of moving vehicles and may step out into traffic without realizing the danger.

Do Not Drink and Drive – you fit a bump and spill some. No seriously the legal blood alcohol level in Australia is .05: anything above this will reduce your reaction time. Heavy fines and or jail terms are handed out to those drivers that ignore this rule, if you plan to party also plan a way to get home without your car. Designate a driver keep safe, don’t be a bloody idiot.

What Are Some Of The Driving Rules In Australia?

Driving school lessons in Joondalup

driving school lessons Joondalup
Driving school lessons in Joondalup

When you start to think about taking driving school lessons in Joondalup, the first thought that comes to mind is which driving school do I want to join? There are plenty of driving school with Manual and Automatic driving lesson options for you to explore. Here is a list to help you make the right decision about your driving school Perth lessons:

  • Get recommendations: First of all, ask around for recommendations for the best driving school lessons joondalup. You will probably have plenty of friends of colleagues who have recently learnt, or are learning, how to drive from a particular driving school. They can tell you all about their experiences and, if you are about to drive for the very first time, they can tell you what to expect.
  • Make a list and contact the schools: Find the contact details of places that offer great and reliable driving school lessons Joondalup and make a list. This shouldn’t take you long. Search the web, look in the local telephone directory or look through newspapers. Make sure you’ve listed places for driving school lessons Joondalup that are close to home. Once you have your short list ready, it’s time to go and visit them to get a clearer picture. In a week’s time, you should be in a fairly good position to judge which driving school lessons Joondalup are the most suited to your needs.
  • Check the facts and do research: Remember that driving school lessons Joondalup can be quite a fun. Look for good instructors with plenty of experience. However, it is highly recommended that you check the qualifications of the school you planning to join. That way, you can be assured of safety and the expertise of your instructor. Why not check out Sumit Driving Academy. Sumit Driving Academy have experienced instructors and are fully qualified and certified on Manual and Automatic driving lesson.

When you commit to your driving lessons in Joondalup, don’t forget to work out the smaller issues like:

  • When you would like to start,
  • How many lessons you should have,
  • When is the most convenient time of the day to have them; and
  • Where and how you will get to, or be picked up for, your driving lesson.

Once this is sorted, it’s time to enjoy your driving lessons in Joondalup with Sumit Driving Academy!

Driving school lessons in Joondalup

What can Individuals achieve when signing up for Automatic Driving Lesson?

Automatic driving lesson
Automatic driving lesson

Automatic driving lesson

One of your fantasies or dream to drive an automatic car will come true with us. When you will take and learn automatic driving lesson with us, soon you will become an independent driver.

Obviously, driving can be hard at to start with, yet over the long haul, driving can be something to be delighted in since you can go anyplace you need whenever and even go to puts with the utilization of individual vehicles instead of sitting tight for so long in transportation stations.

People always think before they come for the driving lesson. For a few people, driving can likewise be an unwinding approach to decrease stress because of the cool wind and brilliant landscapes they might see as they travel. With these elements, young people are aching to have the opportunity to get their hands on the haggles feet on the pedals. Along these lines, keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish this fantasy, people must agree to driving lessons from solid organizations.

We Sumit driving academy will likewise get ready you and sharpen your aptitudes before taking any driving exams to guarantee that you know the nuts and bolts of driving. Other than that, here are some different things you can accomplish as you agree to driving lessons.

Turned into a mindful driver – Other than standards, streets are loaded with shocks. People might experience startling intersection autos and people, movement, tangled autos on the streets and even street signage. In this manner, with the assistance of driving lessons, people can be mindful out and about and improve their travel and more secure.

With every one of these things you can accomplish with the assistance of driving lessons, people can learn and comprehend the fundamental variables in driving.

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What can Individuals achieve when signing up for Automatic Driving Lesson?